Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder


Eliminate your need for a soap dish and prevent that messy soap build-up by using this silver chrome deluxe countertop magnetic soap holder with pyramid base. For use with hand guest soaps and not oversized bars, the sleek modern design enhances any décor. These easy to follow usage instructions make your hand washing requirements a breeze. Wet the soap first then gently press metal disk into soap. Re-wet soap to seal the metal disk in place, now you are ready to place the soap with the metal disk onto the magnet and position soap holder over sink. Soap is now ready to use. This soap holder is made from plated steel, weighs 3 lbs and measures 7-inch H by 7-inch W with a 3-1/2-inch Diameter base.



What is it? It is an innovative bathroom soap holder designed to keep your soap dry between uses and your countertop clean. • It consists of a stainless steel disk and a weighted base with a magnetic holder. • The steel disk is first pressed inside a bar of soap. The soap can then be attached to the magnetic holder, giving the illusion as if it is suspended in mid-air. • The shape of the magnetic holder is curved in such a way that it extends over the sink. This ensures that the soap hangs dry over the sink, leaving the countertop clean and spotless. • Weighted base ensures that it does not tip over. What are its benefits? • It eliminates the messy soap scum that builds up on soap dishes. • It allows the soap to dry nicely between uses. • Being dry, the soap will last longer. • Both children and adults will be intrigued. • Its stylish design makes it an attractive addition to any bathroom.


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