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The Oil Cleansing Method Explained

What is The Oil Cleansing Method??

Oil Cleansing is exactly what the name suggests.  Basically, you massage your skin with oil, then use a hot towel to wash it off.  Cleansing with oils brings balance to the skin. Whether you are overly oily or overly dry, cleansing with oil will balance and soothe your skin.  Many of you are cringing at the thought of using oil on your already oily skin, but LIKE DISSOLVES LIKE, OIL DISSOLVES OIL.  PERIOD.  It’s a scientific fact, it works.

So what happens when you Oil Cleanse?

By massaging the oils into your skin, you are are forcing the oil into your pores.  Massaging also encourages blood flow and oxygen to the cells for added detox.  Once you add a warm towel, the steam will open up the oil soaked pores so that the oil can come out-as the oil is purged from your pores, impurities will follow.  The oil will help balance your skin by either convincing your skin to stop over producing oil or by depositing much needed oil.

How do you The Oil Cleansing Method?

  1. Scoop a quarter size amount of the facial cleansing oil into your palm and begin massaging your skin.  Massage gently for up to 2 minutes.  I usually don’t get 2 minutes in, but 1 will work just fine.  While you are massaging, turn your water on HOT.
  2. Wet a soft wash cloth with very hot water and lay the wash cloth over your skin.  Press it into your skin until it cools down.
  3. Repeat step 2 1-2 more times.

When I say “very hot” I mean to get the wash cloth to a temp. that is comfortable to your skin.  Don’t push the heat.  Heat can exacerbate broken capillaries and damage sensitive skin types.  Listen to your skin, you will know what temperature is right for you.

After Oil Cleansing you might not have to use a moisturizer.  I spritz on some Rose Witch Hazel after cleansing to lock in the moisture and tone my skin.

Benefits of Oil Cleansing

  • Balances the skin
  • Detoxes-Removes hardened impurities in the pores
  • Moisturizes and nourishes while helping erase fine lines
  • Encourages oily skin to stop over producing oil
  • Removes make up and dirt thoroughly
  • Relaxes
  • Invigorates

The Detox Period

The Oil Cleansing Method works beautifully for my skin.  The feel of my skin after cleansing is like none other.  My skin was so out of balance when I started OCM that it was rough and patchy but with bumps.  A few days into OCM I could feel the results.  I will say, I experienced one break out cycle that lasted about a week.  I had blemishes in a couple of places which is not my normal skin issue, so I knew my skin was responding well to the OCM.  I was detoxing.  The detoxing period was short and 100% worth it.  Sometimes things have to get worse, before they can get better.  Isn’t that true in life too?  Detox is a beautiful thing but it will bring impurities to the surface of the skin and this could cause zits.  Hang in there!

Give the Oil Cleansing Method a go.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do.  I’m so glad I have found something to bring balance to my skin and address the unidentifiable bumps that were occurring daily.  To encourage further detox of the skin, be sure to drink loads of water.  The OCM doesn’t work for everyone.  Everyone is different but I have had some of the most exclusive skin care products and professional treatments at my fingertips and have never seen results happen so quickly.  My skin has never been smoother or happier.  If you search around the internet for testimonials for the oil cleansing method, get ready to be blown away by all the success stories!!